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Product & Service Feedback

We plan to introduce in the near future a product and service feedback request with the aim of establishing if our high standards are being met both from a customer service and quality control perspective in the eyes of the most important critics we face, namely you our customers. Such feedback is the only real and personal way we have of pinpointing any weaknesses in all our systems and the quality of what are widely regarded as upscale gifts and accessories.

We do run constantly numerous quality control programs from a product viewpoint, as well as observe the nature in which our staff handle customers queries. Whilst we tend not to have any problems from a product perspective and our customer service is reckoned to be first class - based on unsolicited emails and chat messages we receive from our customers both here in North America and from abroad - we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent. Therefore there is a need to have in place a continuous means of checking what we are doing meets the high standards we set here at Annabel Chaffer.


By means of a more advanced emailing facility, we will soon be locating on every page of this website a means for our customers to easily send the particular product page that they believe might be of interest to their friends and relatives. This has come about through demand from customers who had previously used what must now be considered a far too basic tell-a-friend form.

Loyalty Program and Offers

Against a background of customers telling friends and relatives about the Annabel Chaffer Collection of upscale gifts and accessories, there is clearly a need for us to reward those thoughtful customers in a way that does not cause offense to either our customer or the person that they have kindly referred to us.

Consequently, we are in the process of devising a detailed Loyalty Program with Loyalty Offers that will be specifically offered to those kind customers, exclusively. We believe this to be the right approach and that those thoughtful customers should benefit from offers from Annabel Chaffer to a greater extent than other customers who are not so minded to refer friends and relatives to this website, or buy from Annabel Chaffer on a regular basis.

The way the program is shaping up currently leaves us to understand that there is no such program of its type anywhere on the web and that the extent of the benefits program will make some other online merchants 'sit up and pay attention'.

If you wish to benefit from this extensive program, please watch out for the launch by revisiting this website over the coming months, by which stage we will have introduced a means of subscribing to receive announcements from Annabel Chaffer both by way of email and RSS feeds. From those early steps, we envisage developing a whole package of Community Pages with benefits for everyone.

In order to ensure that the program both monitors and records those that help Annabel Chaffer through referrals, we will need to ask our customers to provide some basic data about themselves. Otherwise without this basic data, we would find it extremely difficult to identify and keep separate the extent of referral help that our thoughtful customers provide. Clearly, one Joanna Smith could get confused with another Joanna Smith and the benefits of being in the program could be passed to the wrong recipient by mistake.

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