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Corporate Orders and Gift Advice

Many corporations across the USA and Canada that have placed both small and large corporate orders with Annabel Chaffer over the years have appreciated the quality of the goods that they receive. This appreciation stems from the nature of the process of producing upscale goods from the raw material stage right through to the final delivered product, thus making the Annabel Chaffer products stand out from all the multitude of mass produced goods made in factories across Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

In so many cases the quantity of moulds, templates and special knives (tools) that exist in our own workshop stores and those of the other workshops with whom we contract to make some of our products, means that we have the ability to produce numerous products that are known to be popular designs that have been made and sold over the past several centuries.

Consequently, all potential corporate customers should be aware that our website contains but a portion of what we are able to produce and supply. Therefore, please inquire if there is a particular product that you are seeking and do not find displayed on this website.

So far as providing Gift Advice is concerned, any potential client corporation can benefit from our many years of experience in the field of making quality upscale goods by us listening to what is required, for us to give copious advice and then moving forward to resolve the needs of each client corporation.

Custom Made Products

As most of our products are custom made albeit in many cases from existing designs, but with significant stock levels of completed goods maintained in our three warehouses, corporations wishing to order products in significant quantities from the Annabel Chaffer Collection should allow plenty of time for going through the process from first contact to final delivery of the goods.

The time scale varies from product to product and depends largely on the availability of the raw materials concerned, workload from other orders already in the workshops, then time taken to make the items, engraving, embossing, etc., as well as shipping times. For example, stocks of silver, pewter and brass are readily available within a few days, but particular skins for some of our leather goods may be subject to seasonal availability prior to going through the cleaning, tanning, dyeing and any imprinting stage that might be required, before the raw materials reach the workshops. Exotic fish skins can be effected particularly by seasonal factors, though normally sufficient stocks of different skins in various color finishes are maintained in the workshops.

From the explanation above, it can be seen that it may not always be possible to meet delivery requirements within unreasonable time limits, but we have never let a customer down through failure to deliver on any agreed timescale. If the timescale is too tight, then we will state this clearly to any potential customer and the reasons why we may have to decline an order.

Specific and Custom Designs

As Annabel Chaffer products are not mass produced in some anonymous factory in the Far East and are clearly made in much small quantities by highly skilled craftsmen and women who have learned their trade from their forefathers, the end result is products that have to a large degree been custom made.

So when it comes to specific and custom designed and made goods, considerably more lead-in time is required for both parties to go through the process of deciding what is required, what raw materials should be used, and choosing any final embellishments, engravings, embossings, packaging, etc. that might be wanted. Outside parties such as packaging companies have considerable lead-in times to custom make boxes with logos, etc., so this is another factor that needs to be considered. However, Annabel Chaffer has strong relationships with good quality packaging companies and will aim to achieve a client corporation's requirements, given sufficient time.

Consequently, in these cases we would ask all potential customers to approach us early enough for us to achieve their wishes. The earlier that first contact is made, then the less chance there is of disappointment. We guarantee that we shall not take on any project that cannot be delivered within the required timescale.

Product Sourcing Agents

Whilst the Annabel Chaffer Collection does work with Product Sourcing Agents that appreciate the quality of our upscale goods and have learned to understand that it takes time to produce significant quantities of particular products to the high standards we have set over the years, we do prefer to work directly with the client corporation. By doing so, we are able to fully understand exactly what the corporation might be seeking and to eliminate the misunderstandings that can and do occur if those corporations choose to use a third-party sourcing agent that may not have the depth of knowledge in the raw materials, what can or cannot be achieved, how products are made and the difficulties faced occasionally in trying to achieve what they believe to be the client corporation's requirements.

By working directly with the client corporation, we can explain in more detail what can or cannot be achieved, why something may not be possible from a raw material or design point of view, as well as the timescale required to make the items, bearing in mind other orders already lined up in the workshops. This direct approach not only speeds up the early stages in selecting the correct design for the corporation's needs, but also tends to avoid any disappointments that might otherwise occur through the relaying of messages and the refining of a multitude of particular wishes.

Clearly, by dealing directly with the client corporation, that corporation is able to benefit from our many years of experience in the field of making quality upscale goods by us listening to what is required, giving copious advice and moving forward to resolve the needs of each client corporation.

Corporate Gift Etiquette

"Statistics have proven that businesses that show their appreciation to their clients and employees with a gift, benefit from a higher loyalty and company recognition level than those that do not."

Awards. Business or Company Brand Exposure. Commemorative Company Events. Customer Appreciation. Executive/Employee Incentives. Executive/Employee Recognition. Leaving Gifts. Retirement. Seasonal Holidays.

Business Gifts. Company Brand Exposure. Customer Appreciation: Do not give a gift that is too personal or one that the recipient could misconstrue in any way. A practical gift is more likely to be appreciated and used by your customer and the item can incorporate your company logo or crest.

Executive Gifts. Incentives. Recognition: Do not give a gift that could be misconstrued in any way by the recipient. A practical gift is more likely to be appreciated by your executive and can be a little more personal. The item does not need to incorporate you company logo or crest.

Special Occasions. Retirement. Leaving Gifts: Do not give a gift that could be misconstrued in any way by the recipient. Select a gift that they will remember you by and that you know they will appreciate. In particular, higher priced items do not need to incorporate you company logo or crest.

Awards. Commemorative Company Events: Do not give an item that is too personal or one that could be misconstrued in any way by the recipient. Incorporating your company logo or crest will depend on the type of award that you are presenting, special occasion or company event that you are commemorating.

Boardroom. Reception Area: First impressions do count. A boardroom and reception area that is both professional and luxurious will give your clients the comfort that they are dealing with a significant company. Therefore, your clients will be more likely to respond favorably to your proposals. The items can incorporate a discreet company logo or crest.

Seasonal Holidays: Do not give a gift that is too personal or one that could be misconstrued in any way by the recipient or that has any religious connotations. "Seasonal Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" would be an acceptable message to use in cards or gift tags.

To discuss your requirements, ideas, special commissions, adaptations, logos, engraving, artwork and quantity quotes, please contact us here at Annabel Chaffer and our experienced team will be happy to advise you.

Client Corporations

Annabel Chaffer corporate clients include multi-national corporations from across the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Jordan, Dubai, Japan, Australia and a number of smaller corporations in other parts of the World.

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