Website Security

Payment Security

Comodo are the issuers of the SSL certification on the Annabel Chaffer website and you will find throughout the site the display of the Comodo site seal guaranteeing all our online customers that they will receive the highest level of encryption possible. This seal assures our online customers that credit card, debit card and charge card account numbers and other confidential information cannot be intercepted or altered.<br><br>Whilst low-level encryption can be breached in a matter of minutes, it is worth stressing that the high level of protection of 128-bit or stronger encryption (regardless of customer's browser version or operating system) provided on the Annabel Chaffer website is 300 septillion times stronger than 40-bit SSL used on some other websites. 300 septillion equates to 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times.<br><br>Therefore, shoppers can be reassured that our website is legitimate, whilst enhanced techniques of encryption allow confidential data to reach us safely, without the possibility of anyone being able to 'read' any personal data that you supply as part of the ordering process. For your security, none of your financial details are stored on this site, so that is why you need to re-enter your financial details every time you visit the Annabel Chaffer Collection on-line catalogue. If you opt to have our shopping cart retain your name and address details to avoid you having to re-enter them next time you visit, this is carried out by means of storing this data on your own computer system using 'cookies', and not on our computer systems.

Website Vulnerability Testing

We employ the services of an outside corporation to continuously carry out vulnerability tests, monitor and report back to us on all aspects of website security. That corporation is ScanAlert Inc.<br><br>ScanAlert conducts comprehensive daily security audits of ecommerce infrastructure and then certifies the security of it in real-time by allowing the Hacker Safe certification mark to appear only when a site's current status meets the highest published government industry standards. ScanAlert certifies the ongoing application of patches, and as long as the site remains secure, continually serves a Hacker Safe certification mark directly to the retailer's website from ScanAlert's network.<br><br> The certification mark indicates that these sites protect the personal data of millions of shoppers every day by meeting the highest federal and industry website security standards.

Anti-Fraud Measures

As an important part of ensuring the proper fulfillment of Orders from our customers, the data supplied in our Shopping Basket Is passed through several independent anti-fraud service checks. These checks cover a range of both general data, telephonic and geolocation verification processes, to ensure only genuine orders are processed by our staff.<br><br>Because of the high profile nature of some of the Annabel Chaffer clientele, these services are carried out by different agencies using servers located in different parts of the world, thus providing the very highest level of anti-fraud checking currently available.<br><br>The degree as to how serious we take these matters is demonstrated by the fact that most ecommerce websites tend to operate anti-fraud measures through a single outside agencies, or none at all.

Customer Data Security

All data is sent through to us using secure SSL technology with high level encryption. See here for further details on the level of the encryption used.<br><br>When the data reaches Annabel Chaffer it is used to process each Order and then stored on remote secure servers using high levels of secure access. All access to the data within these documents is only available to security cleared Annabel Chaffer staff using special access codes and passwords, and is effected through SSL technology with a high level of protection of 128-bit or stronger encryption.<br><br> This protection is 300 septillion times stronger than 40-bit SSL encryption (300 septillion equates to 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times).

Internal Document Security

All other internal documents that are not related to customer orders (mostly business operational documentation) are not held on any long-term basis on our internal servers, desktop computers, laptop computers or other equipment within our offices, but on secure servers using high levels of secure access. This data is held by an outside security agency specializing in data warehousing in very secure data storage centers in Europe.<br><br>These data storage centers are all state of the art ex-military nuclear bunkers. They are amongst the latest bunkers to have been built and are IUKADG military data centers, which are still in use today in the front line of the UK's air defense network.<br><br>Approximately 70% of the staff that work on site are former UK Ministry of Defence staff and all security is still run solely by ex-service personnel in the same structured way as other military establishments.<br><br>The primary data storage servers are locked in a former NATO nuclear bunker located in a hidden low-risk area in the heart of the English countryside. The bunker is situated on 18 acres of land and surrounded by concertina wiring. It is an impregnable fortress, sitting 30 meters below ground and has concrete walls three meters thick, steel doors weighing over two tons, which protect the servers and digital storage units within.<br><br>Layered on top of this physical inaccessibility is a 24-hour watch with guard dogs, CCTV and a series of sophisticated access controls that offer the ultimate in protection from a myriad of attacks, including crackers, terrorist attack, electro-magnetic pulse, electronic eavesdropping, HERF weapons and solar flares.<br><br>The core principles behind the design of the data vaulting centers are resilience and redundancy, with the aim of removing all single points of failure.<br><br>Consequently, all data is backed-up to a second similar establishment at another cold war era nuclear bunker located some 100 miles away in another quiet and remote countryside location. These state-of-the-art installations, have been purpose built with security in mind and were originally constructed as an integral part of the UK's strategic communications network.<br><br>The extensive digital security and client identification procedures combined with the physical security, should provide our customers with the comfort that Annabel Chaffer documentation is held in the tightest environment. No personnel form Annabel Chaffer has or would ever be able to gain access to these establishments.

Positive Benefits

These extensive measures in protecting not only our customer order data, but also our own internal documentation to the degree highlighted above, goes some considerable way to demonstrate how important Annabel Chaffer takes the subject of securing all forms of data.<br><br>Bearing in mind the sophistication of our data storage and the use of encrypted data transfer throughout our operation, we believe that there is no other level of security currently available anywhere in the western world. However, we shall continue to monitor any advances in data storage greater than that currently in use by us.

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